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VOL. 8, No. 3 February 24, 2010

Friends and Macroinvertebrates,
Per our recent newsletter and notes in the media, Saturday's 2nd winter float is ON! (Feb. 27) Spot your take-out car at DeWitt Township's Looking Glass Park(ette) on Herbison just East of Airport Rd. We'll put in @ NOON at the LGR bridge on Old 27. Park your put-in car in the parking lot of "Trust Thermal" on the NW side of the bridge, and sled your boat-age downstream to the LGR. If you have neoprene waders and gloves, or ski clothes, you're going to be fine. Layer up. Bring a "throw away" camera, a snack and your sense of wonderment. Polarized sunglasses are good. The Looking Glass is awesome in the winter! Depending on your exuberance, the float should take 1.5 hrs or so. For those of you who might like to double your pleasure, spot your car at the Lowell Rd. bridge in Watertown Twp instead.

Thanks to Doug Vettraino and Dave Baldwin for allowing us to use the put-in lot. If anyone's interested in after-float snackage / imbibage, some of us will be gathering at Relli's or Sam's Kitchen afterward. This float trip is an open and free activity - please feel free to invite your firends and (EEEYOOOO ) family members. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, snow or shine!

Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.