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FLG 2009 Spring Newsletter
Vol. 7 No. 1 - March 05, 2009


The furry little varmint was right, apparently...(talking about Pughetawney Phil, not your brother-in-law with back hair like shag carpeting). As our thoughts turn to spring, it's time to update you on a few important items please?

1. As many of you know, our dear friend and FLG board member Dave Whitaker passed away Dec. 18. This Saturday the 7th, at 1PM, board members will present a special memorial plaque to Dave's wife Brenda, @ FLG's booth during the popular Quiet Water Symposium @ MSU's pavilion. You're all cordially invited to attend. FLG will be selling the remaining few copies of Dave's book "Opportunities", and will take orders for more. The symposium is a terrific event for the whole family. It runs from 9-6. For directions and programs hit this link: We'll issue a follow up note next week.

2. One of FLG's many projects for 2009, is the bank stabilization project scheduled for this spring/summer as soon as weather and water conditions are suitable. It was postponed last fall due to lack of a DEQ permit. This Mother Nature fix-it project will be something like most of you will not witness again. The city of DeWitt has asked FLG to be one of the volunteer group coordinators. A few dozen spunky guys and gals will be needed to pull this off under the direction of the JF New engineering company and the City of DeWitt. Mike Gray and I are FLG's captains: We'll keep you updated on that of course. Watch the new & improved FLG website: and this newsletter for more info. See our letter of support to the City of DeWitt (pdf).

The technical plan can be found here: Additional background information can be found on the FLG website under "Newsletters" and "Media Gallery" (and soon under "Projects").

3. FLG's Spring Friends Meeting - First Notice: On Thur. April 9, from 6:30 - 8:30PM, FLG and the DeWitt Millennium Garden Club will host a joint public meeting. Guest speaker will be nationally known Patricia Pennell with West Michigan Environmental Action Council. Her topic is "The Benefits of Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels".

Hit this link for gallons of more info: Gloria Miller and Peggy Arbanas are organizing for FLG; Kathi Dominquez for the DMGC.

4. For some of you, your 2009 dues are past due. For the board, it's a bit like being up a raging creek with a tiny paddle. Please take the time now to send a check to our venerable and much-tanned treasurer Larry Arbanas. Double click on this link: Print out the form and mail it with your check now please so that we can begin to plan for the many projects that are too far down on the federal bailout ladder. Thank You!

5. Dennis, Pat, Beth and all our Friends @ the Bengal Wildlife Center and the MI Wildlife Conservancy have asked that we onpass a pair of important events in March. These programs are wholesome, educational and fun family events. Click on the attached flyers for details.
Energy Savings Flyer (pdf)
Songbird Flyer (pdf)

Gloria, Ione, Mike, Larry, Peggy, Misa, Jon and I hope to see you at QWS on Saturday...
Please pay your dues, now...

You've been most gracious and very attentive - have a fig newton: "The cookie that thinks it's a fruit"
Fig Newton

Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.