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VOL. 8, No. 4 May 6, 2010

Hello Friends and Macrophytic Beneficials,
Pour a stem of wine, put your feet up and kick on some Enya music -- this could take a while. (6 attachments, if you're counting)

FLG Board Mtng Minutes from 4.21.10

Funding Request for Riverside Park Bank Stabilization Project Denied:
A month to the day before "Earth Day" the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation notified the City of DeWitt that the grant request had been denied. City Administrator Olson says it's a learning experience -- that it would appear that the project and request were probably seen as too small in the big picture. FLG approached the City to take on the project in 2007 and has since seen the mediation plan idled for lack of permits and funding. City council continues the discussion and the FLG Board joins the City in searching for other funding sources.

Funding Request Denial

Verlen Kruger Memorial Fundraiser / and Memorial Dedication:
The world's most prolific and well-known canoeist is being immortalized by his many paddling friends and fans with a near-life-size bronze statue in a Grand River-side park in Portland MI, on June 26. Fundraisers have raised over $30 thousand dollars to date, and another delicious one is happening this Friday night May 7 in Portland. This from the VKM Committee: Round up you family & friends for the Verlen Kruger Memorial fundraiser, Fri. May 7, from 5-8pm at the Portland MI VFW Club. Burgers & fries will be served: $6/person. We will raffle commemorative bricks, portraits of Verlen, sell "Verlen, Where You Paddling To?" DVDs, "All Things Are Possible" book, etc. See Kruger Memorial Dedication attachment. and: for more.

Kruger Memorial Dedication

The Grand River Expedition 2010:
Every ten years a huge gaggle of fun loving canoe / kayak adventurers make an historic Grand River voyage from Jackson County to Lake Michigan. Get off your duff and slide into the Grand in July with all the terrific participants of the GRE2010. Famous solo-turned-social canoeist Mike Smith will be sporting a GPS locator so friends and supporters can follow the expedition's progress on the web.

The Grand River Expedition 2010

Music in the Meadow:
Mark & Debbie Carlson are planning the coolest-ever day-long music event on their breathtaking Looking Glass River "natural amphitheater" property this summer. This your chance to participate and make a buck for FLG at the same time. This is from Mark & Debbie: (Your password is "lookingglass")

Dear Ecological Vendor of Music in the Meadow,
We know how tough the Michigan economy is right now and as kindred spirits of nature, we'd like Music in the Meadow to not only become an information forum for you, but also an opportunity to gain some financial support. We'd like to announce at this time that Music in the Meadow will be happy to donate $1.00 to your organization for every individual who registers for the event using your assigned password. Please spread the word about Music in the Meadow and together we can continue to make a difference in our efforts promoting environmental awareness and appreciation. Thanks again for being part of MITM, we look forward to a successful event for all! for more info.

Wild Hogs Defiling MI Delicate Areas: Be aware that wild hog populations in MI are now infesting 63 of Michigan's 83 counties, causing crop and ecological damage, and are known vectors of diseases that could wipe out the commercial pork industry in the state. A friend of mine owns property in Lenawee County -- a hotbed for wild hogs. She reports destruction of rare and delicate wild flowers and flora along the banks of a pristine stream that meanders thru her farm. The MI Wildlife Conservancy and USDA/APHIS has set a trap in attempt to capture them. It is one of six traps to be set around the state to date. See "MWC WildHogs" attachment and learn why these animals need to be eliminated before it's too late.

MWC WildHogs

Send A Heart, Save a Heart:
Wayne State University School of Medicine researchers are asking Michigan turkey hunters for assistance with a study aimed at combating heart disease and congestive heart failure when they take to the field this spring. Researchers need hunters to donate the hearts of harvested wild turkeys for their study of human heart disease, a leading cause of death in the United States.Tests conducted with wild turkey hearts could lead to medical breakthroughs for alleviating heart problems in humans. Successful hunters can get instructions on how to harvest and store the vital organs, for an end of season heart round-up by the researchers. See gloating successful hunter photo above, and this link to the WSU press release.

Visit the FLG website Often: to see what's up on the coolest danged river in the region. Spot your canoes in Portland and join us on May 22 for a 10AM put in @ Watertown Twp's Heritage Park, in Beautiful Downtown Wacousta! It's a 5-hr float to Portland. See the attached 4.21.10 Brd Minutes for more details.

4.21.10 Brd Minutes

So, good night already: Don't forget to turn off the light and bring in the cat -- there are coyotes out there!

Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.