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Vol. 10, No.1 August 10, 2012

Dear Friends,
Not unlike the foot space in some of our kayaks, the FLG newsletter email list and website are undergoing some long-needed cleaning. That work is incomplete as of this palaver. BUT, so that many of you can be made aware of a few must-post notes, the editor has re-threatened to shoot holes in my waders with me in them, if this doesn't get out prior to leaving on my family vacation in the morning -- Yikes! Here goes...

  1. Fresh off her May induction into the MI Environmental Hall of Fame FLG President (For Life) Gloria Miller is at it again!! Prior to the DeWitt City Council Meeting this TUES night Aug. 14 at 7pm, our friend State Rep. Paul Opsommer will present Gloria with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the MI Legislature. The venue is the council chambers at DeWitt City Hall, 414 E. Main St., or in Clinton County jargon, a coupla' blocks east of `Relli's. If you can stop in and show Gloria your appreciation, that would be terrific. If you can't make it, you might think about sending her an old fashioned thank you-card. She's unlikely to receive your tweet. Please take a few photos, and send me your best couple, in "raw" or your largest .jpg file please. Thank you. Mark the date!

  2. If you're among the growing number of people who 'stay home' on Labor Day because it's apparently practice time for whack-o drivers or because of $27/gal gas, you should know that Labor Day weekend will mark an historical event for some friends of your who recreate HERE. Your Friends of the Looking Glass will be fielding (er, uh, make that rivering) our first official dragon boat race team. Last year several of us participated on a mixed team -- and with several paddlers over 65 and being 2 crew members short, we clocked the fastest heat in time trials! Come out and cheer on your Looking Glass River Dragons -- they're the ones in the cobalt blue Ts with a fire-breathing dragon front & back. Capital City Dragon Boat Race time trials are Sat. Sept 1. Races are Sun. Sept 2, at Lansing's East Lou Adado Park (across the Grand River from Riverfront Park at the boat dock, just north of the City Market). There's plenty of great food and music too at the Mosaic Festival just over the footbridge. Veteran dragon boater Ione Berg is our team captain. If you'd like to help (take photos or video, 'man' our tent or kissing booth, or guard the women and children, send her an email: Mark the date!

  3. If you live in the 350-square mile watershed, if you kayak, canoe, tube, fish, just plain appreciate the Looking Glass River, or if you've looked at it at least once in the past 10's time to give back. Once a year, FLG holds a LogJamBee to cut / clear as many log jams as possible. The growing number of dead ash trees and many windstorms, have been particularly unkind to our rivers in the recent past, causing unsafe conditions for river users, serious bank erosion and siltation of the natural cobble and gravel bottom (substrate). This fall's LogJamBee is Sat. Oct 6. Please mark the date, get your chain saws, come-alongs and waders tweaked for the challenge. We'll meet about 8:30am at a TBA location, arrange work teams / get assignments, and hit the river. At 12:30, we break for a loggers' lunch like you've not had in a while - unless you've helped us in the past. We need you HS coaches & teams. We need you dads, your teenagers and even moms. We have jobs for everyone. It's not only terrific outdoor exercise, it also grants gullible participants Continuing Remedial Environmental Education Kredits (CREEK). Patch your waders and arrange your gloves with the little tactile rubber thingies in the back of the SUV, and don't miss this one. There are no bugs, the water is low, and the Spartans are out of town, so it's time to pay back and you know it. Mark the date! More later. Meantime:

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.