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Vol. 8, No.7 September 15, 2010

All the FLG News Fit To Print

Item #1:
In the LGR Watershed Near You -- Fri. Sept. 24 is the annual FLG LogJamBee. This is the annual work party to cut through logjams to reduce bank erosion and to make the river safe for canoers/kayakers/floaters/anglers. We rotate the date each year from Saturdays to Fridays, so that municipalities and townships and businesses can put their crews to work on a regular work day (to avoid OT) on problem areas within their jurisdiction while receiving help from FLG workers, saving tax dollars. City and Twp officials are asked to please schedule their available DPW/DPS equipment and staff to get this work done on the 24th, while water is low. Please contact me with questions / strategies. We need two dozen people to make this work right. The lions share of the work will be in the middle stretch of the river, between Airport Rd and Wacousta this year. Property owners are graciously granting us access to the river. The City of DeWitt has a jam to be cleared between RiverTrail Park and the pedestrian bridge behind City Hall. This is an opportunity: adults and teens, to make a physical difference in our communities. Please sign up by sending me an email soon. Meeting place & what to bring will follow mid next week. Thank you in advance for taking the morning off to help us. A loggers lunch will be served. (Thanks to Jeremiah and his buddy for helping on the 28th).

Item # 2:
Somewhere in S. Clinton County -- The board of directors of the Friends of the Looking Glass(FLG) floated its agenda and reflected on business when the Sept. 10 meeting was held on a private lake adjacent to the Looking Glass River in Clinton County. (see attached photo). FLG board members (L-R): Gloria Miller, Bob Bishop, John Morrison, Mike Gray, Kallie Morrison, Larry Arbanas, Ione Berg and Peggy Arbanas. Agenda items included: vandalism, clean-up, and beautification efforts @ Babcock Landing (FLG has an agreement with MDNRE to do regular clean-up & maintenance of this site at n/c); our annual LogJamBee on Sept 24th; a Halloween eve (day) costumed float with shore lunch and refreshments (more details later, but start thinking about it now!); and the Nov 24 "Raptors: Birds of Prey" free public education event co-sponsored with the Looking Glass River Sportsman Club in Laingsburg. Please distribute the raptor flyer to families, science teachers, post them in public bulletin boards, etc. More on that event as we get closer to the date.

Item #3:
Lansing -- According to an Aug. MDNRE news release, eight different land and water organizations divvied up $248K to help monitor the quality of MI's waters. Clinton Conservation District in St. Johns' share was $29,235 to collect additional data for a stream bank erosion study in the Maple and Looking Glass Rivers -- notable tribs of the Grand, Michigan's longest river. FLG awaits details from CCD and says congrats dude, to Dir. Gary Fritz and staff.

Item #4:
Watertown Twp -- It took pruned hands and muscles to relocate hundreds of LGR mussels (some rare/endangered) away from the Herbison Bridge (#1) that is scheduled to begin replacement this winter.

Adobe Acrobat FileRainbow Ellipse

This courtesy of MDNRE's Holly Vickers, Water Resources Division 517-373-4667 : On August 26, 2010, MDNRE staff and a volunteer collected and relocated 339 mussels from the "footprint" of the Clinton County bridge (#1) replacement at Herbison Road crossing the LGR in Watertown Township. According to Joe Rathbun, MDNRE, this was an unusually diverse population of rare species in a very small area; 10 species were found, including one species (the slippershell) that is considered "threatened" by the Michigan Natural Features Inventory -- and 4 other species listed as Special Concern [the ellipse, rainbow, round pigtoe (that's should be of special concern! - ed) and kidney shell]. Many of the mussels were very young, indicating that this is a sustainable population with a high reproductive rate. The mussels were moved approximately 100 yards upstream out of the influence of the proposed bridge work.

Dan Armentrout of the Clinton County Road Commission (CRC) joined our group to describe the project's scope and timeline which is critical to survival of mussels during the bridge replacement. Construction within the water will be done behind cofferdams (in the dry) and in the winter months when any remaining mussels are typically burrowed below the substrate (river bottom) and less likely to be disturbed. The new bridge design is an improvement over the existing structure because the center pier will be removed, allowing more natural river flow, and stormwater run-off will be discharged away from the LGR. Kudos to the Clinton CRC! Contact Holly for more info.

Unfinished Biz

Item # 1:
DeWitt Twp -- Following our story from last edition, DeWitt Twp Admin. Rod Taylor reports that the grant request for assistance in placing a kayak/canoe launch at DeWitt Twp's LG Riverside Park on Herbison, has been turned down. Funding efforts will continue. On 8.28.10, a flock of Friends helped Twp staff modify the dock/deck at the mini park and cleared a nasty multiple tree logjam that fronted and eroded the failing structure. FLG members also planted 5 Eastern Redbud saplings ringing the parking area, to help mitigate all the maple and ash trees lost to bank erosion and the Emerald Ash Borer. This work crew photo and caption appeared in the DBR on 9.12.10.

Adobe Acrobat FileDeWitt-Bath Review
September 12, 2010

Item # 2:
DeWitt Twp -- FLG is still awaiting a promised MDNRE report on the shameful sedimentation plume caused last month by MDOT bridge contractor Davis Construction during the snail's paced reconstruction of the LGR bridge on Old 27 in DeWitt Twp. See a few disgusting photos in our last issue @

Item #3:
Remember to pick up your laminated copy of FLG's Looking Glass RiverTrail Guide, as local businesses and from the FLG website: Makes a unique gift for that adventurer in your life.

Item #4:
Anytown USA -- Please remember to give back to your community by volunteering when you can. You will gain more than you give, and your community will improve because of you. We need volunteers for the Fri. Sept 24 LogJamBee...please volunteer to help. Contact me below. Thank you.

Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.