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The Muskrat Times          Vol. 11, No.2 September 17, 2013

The Greater DeWitt Area – It just feels like that time of year again doesn’t it?

The hummers are filling their half-ounce iridescent little bodies with the last remnants of nectar from waning catnip and cardinal flowers.

Mallards & woodies are re-establishing their duck dynasties in the Looking Glass River.

Early frosts have separated the veggies from the weeds (the veggies lost but were terrific while they lasted), and promise to toast the last of the mosquito bumper crop.

Giddy sports reporters’ palaver that the Spartan footballers, having proudly if narrowly defeated 3 scout teams, are knocking on the Rose Bowl door, and Tom Izzo’s team is rated #1 in the land before anyone has strapped on a Duke or broken a sweat.

Yes, you know it’s true…it must be time for (drum roll & echo chamber please),
LogJamBee ‘13!

This, ladies & germs, is your engraved invitation to join your neighbors in the Looking Glass River Watershed to help the Friends of the Looking Glass (FLG) in their annual logjambee -- to cut / remove as many jams as possible and to make the river a safer place in which to recreate while limiting bank erosion. The jams are GPS-ed and ready.

The invading emerald ash borer, high winds and heavy rains this year have combined to gift the LGR w/several dozen logjams that need to be dealt with. Ironically, government grants fund kayak / canoe launches but not logjambees, so if we’re going to enjoy the access, we need long, unimpeded open water. That’s where you, your buddies and family members come in. We can use teen & adults of any age or gender. For every sawyer in the river, we need 3-5 crew members to remove the limbs & log chunks, so “Sorry Bubba, I don’t have a chainsaw” doesn’t cut it – pun intended. Please check your calendar, drag the teens out of bed and help us improve the stream.

SAT. Sept 28, from 8:30a – 1p. Meet us at @ 8:30am at McGuire Park’s East Pavilion, just west of the fire station on Main Street (Howe Rd) for the orientation meeting and your assignments. Return @ 1p for tall stories and a hearty loggers’ lunch! Bring your waders / work boots, gloves, hefty ropes and an adventurous spirit. Sharpened & running chainsaws are a plus, but not mandatory. Please step up – FLG & the LGR need you!

Contact/RSVP: Bob Bishop      517-881-1758-cell
(Sat., Oct. 5 is our backup date)