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VOL 9 NO 1 - September 19, 2011

Friends of the Looking Glass Need Vols for Annual LogJamBee on Sat. 9.29.11

Dear Friends,

The Friends of the Looking Glass (FLG) are in need of a couple dozen volunteer lumberjacks and wannabees for LogJamBee 2011 on Sat., Sept. 24th.  This is  your annual work party to cut through logjams to reduce bank erosion and to make the river safe for canoers/kayakers/floaters/anglers.  We rotate the date every other year between Fridays and Saturdays so that municipalities, townships and businesses can put their crews to work on a regular work day (to avoid  Sat. OT) on problem areas within their jurisdiction while receiving help from FLG workers, saving tax dollars.  City and Twp officials are asked to please schedule their available DPW/DPS equipment and staff to get this work done on or before the 24th, while water levels are low.  This is an opportunity for adults and teens to make a physical difference in our watershed and in our communities.  There are at least three middle section areas that need our attention this year, from upstream to down:
1)  Downstream of Babcock Landing where limbs and debris need to be snagged out to prevent duckweed dams from clogging the stream and preventing access 
2) Halfway between the mouth of the Remy-Chandler Drain mouth into the LGR, and Old 27 bridge.  Several logjams need to be cleared to open up both the north and south passages around  the Remy-Chandler's "delta island".  

3) From Airport Road to Wacousta - several logjams need to be cut and opened up.  

FLG encourages volunteers to bring whatever they can to help:  20' minimum strong rope sections ('ski rope' is too small a diameter), waders,  (work boots for shore crews  - some poison ivy), rubberized "traction" gloves or leather work gloves, chainsaws, fuel and all safety equipment, and your senses of humor.   If you have a weak back, we also need a photographer or two to document the work at all work areas.  Come dressed to work and get dirty.  Meet @ 8:30am  Sat. 9.24.11 @ DeWitt's McGuire Park @ 1001 W. Main St. , on the west side of the fire station.  We'll use the south pavilion - nearest the restroom bldg. - to divvy up the workers and assignments, and return @ 1PM for a scrumptious loggers' lunch, put on by the FLG Board.  Last year we had help from city and township officials, firemen, contractors, retirees, educators, high school students, Eagle scouts and several others difficult to categorize. Our volunteer logjam work helps keep the river safe for recreation and helps prevent costly bank erosion and stream bed sedimentation.  The FLG board asks that you please commit to making a difference in your watershed on Sat. Sept 24 @ 8:30am.  Women and strapping teens are also encouraged to help.   

To sign up,  go to  or contact Bob Bishop @, or call: 517-881-1758.