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Vol. 10, No.2 September 29, 2012

Friends of the Looking Glass Need Vols for Annual LogJamBee on Sat. Oct. 6 - Pls LOG the Date...

Dear Friends,
Give us your strong backs, your waders, your chainsaws and ropes...and we'll give you a healthier, safer Looking Glass River...

It's time again for annual LogJamBee sponsored by The Friends of the Looking Glass (FLG) .

Details: Sat. Oct 6, from 8:30am - 1pm, followed by a hearty and delicious Loggers Lunch that most luxury motor home tailgaters wound envy.

Site: Heritage Park Pavilion is in Beautiful downtown Wacousta, behind the Watertown Twp Office Bldg. DON'T go to Grand Ledge or Eagle.

We're in need of a couple dozen volunteer lumberjacks and wannabees for LogJamBee `12. As planned, the water levels are low, there are no bugs, and the MSU football game is away! This is our annual work party to cut through logjams to reduce bank erosion and to make the river safe for canoers/kayakers/floaters/anglers. In the past 4 years, there have been 3 near-drownings in the LGR (that we know of) when kayaks got sideways to jams and went under.

LogJamBee `12 is an opportunity for adults and teens to make a physical difference in our watershed and in our communities, and meet like-minded people who just get things done. Note that several women/Moms and teens are always part of the crew as well, so all are welcome and needed. We could also use 1 or 2 more people to help with the Logger's Lunch after the LogJamBee, and a photographer, so please consider offering your talents and brawn.

There are smallish jams throughout the 64-mile LGR, but we've been chipping away at the tough ones collectively. The bulk of the challenging jams start downstream of S. Airport Rd and end below Wacousta (village). Scouting continues this weekend. We'll give you all the details and what to bring mid next week. For now, please:

[] mark the date and commit to joining us.

[] forward this to anyone who you think might be interested, and cc me pls

[] get your chainsaws sharpened and serviced now

[] collect your hip waders, ropes, gloves now. Chest waders will work, but water is about knee deep in most places.

More details next week - and we'll see you Oct 6 for LogJamBee `12, followed by a terrific Logger's Lunch.

ITEM 2: Dragon Boats Among Us
If you missed it, FLG fielded a powerhouse Capitol City Dragon Boat Race team, the Looking Glass River Dragons, who took silver medals over the Labor Day weekend. Go to the bottom of the FLG website photo gallery page and click on the photos.
If you 're a good paddler and think you could help cut our overall time by :05 seconds, contact veteran dragon boater, Capt. Ione Berg with your resume:

ITEM 3: Fall Float
Those of you hungry to get in one more float before soccer and corn husking consume you, you'll note that FLG's website schedule lists Sun. Oct 7 as the FLG Fall Float. Get your cars spotted in Wacousta @ Heritage Park (link above) and be ready to launch at DeWitt's Riverside Park in downtown DeWitt, at the LGR bridge @ 10am. Plan on a 3 hr float. FLG will not be offering trailer services this time, given the LogJamBee activities the day before. You'll be amazed by the serenity and wildlife - bring your good humor and cameras.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.