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VOL 9 NO 3- October 6, 2011

Fall Float is Saturday...And, the Outcome Report on LogJamBee `11

ITEM 1: FLG's Fall Float:(This is your printed Invitation)

Clinton County -- Kayakers, Canoeists, Tube-ers (Brrr!) and those who carry the faint musky odor of a juvenile river otter, FLG's Fall Float `11 is this Sat. Oct.8 in the Looking Glass River. Due to low water levels in the intended downstream course, the float will launch @ Babcock Landing (6 mi. north of East Lansing on Babcock Road), and end in DeWitt's Riverside Park, instead. Spot your cars in DeWitt and be ready to launch @ 10:30am from Babcock. The float will take 3 - 3.5 hrs on a leisurely float, or scratch an hour off your ETA if you have a full bladder and prefer not to chance the poison ivy. The weather will be gorgeous. BYOL or walk uptown to lunch at any of DeWitt's fine eateries/drinkeries midday. FLG's canoe trailer will be standing by to haul crafts back to Babcock launch if you don't connect with a spot car buddy earlier. If you're semi quiet, you'll see deer, ducks, herons, turkeys (large feathered fowl, not the person in the puke orange-drink kayak), squirrels, turtles, fish, songbirds, opossums, raccoons, and assorted flora and fauna -- although not simultaneously of course. This is not a Disney adventure park but sometimes this river borders on amazing. Given the proximity to Halloween, sometime when you least expect it, you may witness the appearance of the dreaded "LGR Swamp Thing". Pack a water, as snack and a fresh pair of shorts. OK, you can also bring cameras, wide-brimmed hats (Tilley knock-offs disdainfully permitted), a small bow saw, a pfd and your senses of adventure...and a paddle and kayak per person would be good. See you @ 10:30am Sat. Oct 10 at Babcock Landing...

ITEM 2: 'Friends' LogJamBee `11 A Huge Success

DeWitt -- Thirty-five volunteers took part in the annual LogJamBee Sat. Oct. 24, perhaps the largest logjambee crew ever assembled in the watershed. Give yourselves a hand! The Friends of the Looking Glass (FLG) organize the event for the last week of Sept. each year when water levels are usually low, to help prevent bank erosion and siltation to the stream, and to keep the river safe for kayakers and water enthusiasts. Volunteers received job assignments and orientation beforehand which included safety, minimizing their impacts to the bank, and reminders to leave woody debris in the stream for proper aquatic habitat. Besides from DeWitt, Bath, Lansing and Wacousta, volunteers came from Eagle, Jackson and Burt Michigan, to help open the stream that was blocked by several monster trees in two of the three work areas. The largest crew worked the multiple logjam area three quarters of a mile downstream of S. Airport Road, and winched logs out of the stream by hand. Bank crews carried and dragged logs, chunks and limbs away from the stream well into the wetland to prevent their floating back into the river during flooding. The second crew cut several jams that blocked both the north and south splits of the river, east of the Old 27 bridge and just downstream of the mouth of the Remy-Chandler drain. The third crew removed three jams just downstream of Babcock Landing, which had been collecting multiple floater logs and many tons of duckweed and aquatic debris, making the river impassible in that area for most of the year. All three landowners happily granted FLG's crews access to the river over their property, and one provided his tractor and himself to the cause. Following the work, members of the FLG board hosted the exhausted volunteers for a logger's lunch at 1pm in DeWitt's MaGuire Park.

FLG President Gloria Miller expressed her gratitude for the public support: "We continue to be amazed -- and thankful -- to all the volunteers who value the health of the Looking Glass River watershed as we members of the board do. We invite anyone who's interested in having an educational, physical and fun day in the river each fall, to contact us on our website": As an incentive to score even more volunteers for next year, LogJamBee co-coordinator Bob Bishop promises a near-gourmet loggers' lunch next year, as agreed to by an ardent FLG supporter. He promises details next year and reminds would-be participants to mark their calendars now for LogJamBee `12, Sat..Sept. 29, 2012.

Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.