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VOL 5 NO 7 - October 10, 2008

Hello Everyone,

As some of you may have read in the DeWitt Insider, the City's Newsletter, Sat, Oct 18 has been set for volunteers to help with the [LGR STREAM BANK STABILIZATION] project, to keep the costs down.  The work site is the south bank of the Looking Glass River at Riverside Park (main bridge/park in downtown DeWitt).  City crews and engineering consultants will spend several days prior preparing the site, and volunteers are needed to help actually lay the fibrous material at the "toe" of the eroded bank and "engineer" several layered steps of it while it is backfilled with rock and soil.  You can check out the engineering plan at: 
on the website. Double click on the long live link.

We need several dozen able-bodied teens and adults throughout the day.  You can start arriving @ 8AM or whenever you can get there.  Several people have already expressed interest in helping.  Please consider giving some time back to this great community cause - a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Please let me know if you or someone in your sphere of influence can help.  We'll build the list and turn it over to the City.

This work will reestablish the eroded riverbank, save the remaining trees that line the river, narrow the expanded stream channel and improve aquatic habitat, as well as provide an environmental educational experience for residents and students.  FLG has been advised that area teachers will give extra credit for middle school and high school student participation.  To save space in the park for equipment and construction materials, you can walk to the worksite or get dropped off, park your bike/vehicle next door at RiverTrail park, or canoe/kayak to the jobsite.  Please bring any of the following if you have them:  chest or hip waders, gloves, spades/dirt shovels.  Put your name on the shovel handle in indelible ink such as from a "Sharpie" pen.

On behalf of the Board of the Friends of the Looking Glass River, thank you everyone for helping make this community project a huge success!

Bob Bishop
FLG Communications