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Vol. 10, No.3 December 8, 2012

Hello Again Friends,
Below is all the news you need to know before we all fall off the fiscal cliff...

An Entire Tree Species is a Terrible Thing To Waste:
In case you missed the flyers posted around town and the story in the DBR (DeWitt-Bath Review), here it is again:

“Friends” To Host Tree Disease Program // Don't Miss This One.
DeWitt -- It may be generally understood that hundreds of thousands of ash trees in the Looking Glass River Watershed, worth millions of dollars, have been destroyed by invasive species, the emerald ash borer. Whether the ash trees have been harvested, fallen to the ground or are still standing, do you know what tree species are being considered to reforest the six-county, 198,400-acre watershed?

The Friends of the Looking Glass’ (FLG) annual fall public education program will feature John Switzer, Clinton County Conservation Technician, whose program will explain area tree diseases past, present and future. Switzer will also discuss the general health status of Michigan’s forests, Michigan timber and lumber production, reforestation species selections, the effects of climate change on our yard trees and forests, and he will field audience questions. Switzer is a graduate of Michigan Technological University in Houghton MI (whose students dispute global warming this time of year) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry.

The program is open to the public and admission is free. Land-owners, garden clubbers, students and educators have special invitations. The program will be held Mon., Dec. 10 at 7pm, at the Dewitt Memorial Bldg., 315 W. Washington St., downtown Dewitt. For more information and other Looking Glass River watershed information, go to

We Get Emails -- Lots and Lots of Emails:
FLG is regularly asked to partner with other groups on community projects, participate in community events with our outreach-information booth, provide speakers on various topics, write letters of support for municipal grants, provide historical and regional information about the Looking Glass River Watershed, etc. One such recent request was from our good friend DeWitt Township Administrator Rod Taylor for an article on the LGR and FLG for the township's newsletter. I submitted a thousand word doc and a few photos, half of which is published in the township's Nov. newsletter. The other half will appear in their March edition. Here's the first half -- a brief history.

Dragon Boat Team Update – In the Year of the Dragon:
Your lookin’ good Looking Glass River Dragons took silver in this year's Capitol City Dragon Boat Race on Labor Day weekend. Thanks to our wise sponsors: Clark Farms, Future Media Corp., Capital Steel & Wire, Inc., and Meijer. Each sponsor received our undying gratitude, one of our terrific team Ts and of course, a big hug from Capt. Ione Berg. The Dragons have become a force majeure (which is French for ‘very scary’ to other teams) in the first two years of the competition. Our goal next year is to shave 5 seconds off our average time. If you’re buff and tough and have what it takes to be Dragon paddler next summer (rippling muscles, uncommon nonchalance in the face of fierce competition, and maybe a couple of 20’s in your pocket), get signed up with Ms. Berg at:
Check out your Dragons:!i=2084576574&k=p9PFp2C

Chainsaws, Strong Backs and a Hearty Loggers Lunch:
LogJamBee `12 was a huge success thanks to the two logger dozen volunteers who helped clear the river of log jams in Watertown Twp. Check this story link from the DeWitt Bath Review. It's not too early to sign up for next send me an email and you're on the list. Thanks to all of you for making our volunteering your day to help make our LGR watershed a safer and more efficient ecosystem.

Lost & Found Items:
1. Over a year ago, one of you emailed in a state of consternation (somewhere west of Idaho I think), asking if anyone had reported finding an expensive paddle that you’d lost while tangling w/an LGR middle-stretch logjam. I can’t find the inquiry now to identify the lady, but if it was you and you can ID the paddle, it’s yours, courtesy of eagle-eyed Carmen Jones, one of our great Oct. LogJamBee `12 workers. Just re-email me pls and we'll make arrangements to send it downstream to you for Christmas.

2. On Mon. Oct 22, a married couple from DeWitt, both LGR Friends, was enjoying a float down our beloved river from DeWitt to Wacousta. When they approached the Lowell Rd Bridge, the hubby started to experienced health problems and had to be ambulanced to the hospital, where he spent the night. When the couple returned to retrieve their kayaks the next day, they were gone! The kayaks are described as like-new Pongo 100's; a red one and a green one. Anyone with information relating to this theft, please contact your nearest police dept or me asap and we’ll take it the rest of the way. With your help, we can hopefully solve this crime.

Don't forget the annual FLG Public Education Program, Mon. night Dec. 10, at 7 at the DeWitt Memorial Building, 315 W. Washington St., downtown Dewitt, just west of Bridge Street. Admission is free and everyone's welcome. The program is rated PDG (Pretty Darned Good).

Finally: Please accept our sincere wishes for a happy, healthy and fulfilled Christmas and holiday season, to all of you without whom we’d be mere mud puppies in the stream who’d get very little accomplished. We need you and many more to join us if we are to continue our many quests in the Looking Glass River Watershed. Please consider giving yourself a unique Christmas gift this year:

For the FLG Board,
Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.