Our Story

Our Founders, Gloria Miller and Larry Arbanas have retired and handed over the their mission to a new generation of river keepers. Since taking over they have initiated a can drive and an FLOG sticker drive to raise money for river clean up. In addition, the new board members have pulled mountains of trash (even a refrigerator) from the river and used chain saws to clear the river for paddlers. They have worked with the City of DeWitt to hire the “Wombat” to clear major log jams in the DeWitt area. They are interested in hearing from people from other areas of the river that are willing to work with local governments to help clean up the log jams. They would also like to connect with people that have marketing experience. The best way to contact the new board is through “Messenger” on Facebook.

Our Mission

We work to promote the enjoyment of and responsibility for the river, and to help maintain and improve the watershed. We work to educate the public and promote awareness of the Looking Glass River Watershed.

Our Organization

Founded in October 1990, Friends of the Looking Glass is a local, nonprofit, board-based environmental action group that centers its efforts within the watershed.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • Promote responsible land use and environmental practices within the watershed.
  • Communicate watershed information to managers, decision makers, riparian landowners and the general public.
  • Develop networks with stakeholders in the Looking Glass Watershed.
  • Promote responsible recreational use of the Looking Glass River.